Mr Falcon leading a band classAt Regent we are pleased to offer scheduled, credited courses in different levels of both Band and Choir.

In addition to these more traditional music courses, Regent also offers credit for ORCHESTRA, and  MUSIC & WORSHIP, courses designed to develop students for service on a worship team. These students lead worship at our weekly Chapel services, and are often asked to visit local churches and lead their service's worship time.

Under the leadership of Mr Adrian Falcon, Miss Esther Chen and Mr Jason Strain, our music department is involved in many endeavors, including such things as concerts, recordings, local performances, tours, and conventions.  As well, we have a JAZZ BAND and JAZZ CHOIR that practices before school twice a week.


Stagecraft by studentsOur Art program is designed by our creative genius Mrs Kim Porter.  She offers classes to students starting in grade 7 through grade 12. These credited courses are designed to encourage students to foster creativity and to use art to communicate both to God and to their community. High School Art classes focus on drawing, painting, and creative styles.

The students may, at any point through the year, also find themselves painting stage scenery and participating in art festivals, exhibitions.


Students at Regent may get involved in Drama by taking any of the credited courses offered in Drama, Acting, or Stagecraft, or by being involved in a variety of acting/stagecraft opportunities throughout the year. These courses teach allow students to develop skills in acting, blocking, set design, and direction.

Joseph and The Technicolour Dream CoatThe Drama team, lead by Mr Manfred Schulz, generally puts on a major production every few years, often involving both the Art and Music Departments.