High School

high school girlsHaving three different schools at Regent Academy - Primary, Middle, and High Schools - allows us to focus on different aspects of growth as they are appropriate for different age groups. At the High School level, we believe that it is an important time for students to begin to prepare for their entrance into life as young adults, away from the protective covering of the school environment. To further the achievement of this goal, we offer our students a well-rounded education with many opportunities to develop academic excellence, creativity, physical fitness, teamwork, decision-making skills, character, leadership, spiritual knowledge, and much more.

While following the British Columbia Ministry of Education's teaching curriculum for all classes, we also consider it important that our students learn to make decisions and form opinions from a Christian world-view, and all classes are taught to foster this ability. Regent is pleased to boast a highly qualified teaching staff that is committed to seeing this goal realized, and who, regardless of the subject they teach, mold their lessons to reflect this value.

Realizing that developing the whole person is more than simple instruction, our students are also offered course selection aid, spiritual guidance, and personal counseling. Both our teachers and our learning support staff offer academic support. Social growth is also encouraged through many of our extra- and co-curricular activities.