High School

 Welcome to Regent Christian Academy High School—the last leg of a student’s journey and the launching pad into young adulthood and any number of new pathways.  It is in our high school that students truly begin to grasp the concept of what it means to be “Mighty in Spirit,” and where the fruit that has been developing over the years of training and studying finally ripens into virtuous character that will impact our world.

One of the highlights of our school year is the Rally in September, when for several days, students are immersed off campus in times of worship and fellowship. Carefully vetted speakers speak frankly and challenge the students to be light in the darkness.  This unifying experience solidifies the student body and starts the year off right. The message is not dropped, there, however, as weekly chapels throughout the year integrate the powerful themes and messages that had their genesis at the retreat.

As a discipleship school, our foremost goal is for students to leave RCA knowing the power of Christ’s servitude, love and sacrifice.  Our smaller size allows for daily interactions between students and staff, and the intimate atmosphere is conducive to spiritual, emotional, and academic growth.  Our dedicated staff members work hard to plan and implement programs to bring out the best in our students, and we take very seriously the responsibility God has placed upon us to provide the guidance and support necessary for success in the high school years and beyond.

High school students have many exciting opportunities to experience the blessing of service through our missions programs which reach out into the lives of others both locally and globally. These life-altering experiences go with them as they graduate and step out into the world—a world where they can share the love of Christ, and humbly serve.  As they discover their unique gifts and talents, and as they understand who they are in Christ, it can be said of our graduates that they leave here, “Mighty in Spirit.”


HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST   2017-2018 school year:

   Grades  9  -  12  school supply list

High School Teaching Staff

  Homeroom  9 girls Ms Jenn Robinson
  Homeroom  9 boys Mr Peter Brooke
  Homeroom 10 girls Miss Stephanie Chhangur
  Homeroom 10 boys Mr Peter Ladefoged
  Homeroom 11 girls Mrs Denise Rowell
  Homeroom 11 boys Mr Mark Robinson
  Homeroom 12 girls Miss Leah Tuhkala
  Homeroom 12 boys Mr Matt Palmer
  Ms Stehpanie Chhangur Math, Chemistry, Biology
  Mr Peter Brooke Physics,  Math, Geo
  Mrs Maggie Callander Academic Counsellor,  Planning
  Miss Esther Chen Choir,  Orchestra
  Mr Adrian Falcon Band, Choir, PE
  Mr. Chris Jordan Academic Advisor, Lighting & Sound
  Mrs. Carrie Murphy Worship
  Mr Peter Ladefoged Socials,  History
  Mrs. Kim Porter Art, Sewing, PE
  Mrs. Jessica Jarvis Foods
  Mr Matt Palmer Socials, English, Consumer Education
  Mrs Patti Pedersen Learning Center
  Miss Jennifer Robinson English
  Mr Mark Robinson Bible
  Mrs Ingrid Roseweir Math
  Mrs Denise Rowell French, English, Law, Spanish
  Miss Ruth Siegenthaler Math
  Mr Manfred Schulz Drama,  I T
  Mr Jason Strain Choir, Bible

Mrs. Patti Pedersen

High School LRC - Coordinator
  Ms Leah Tuhkala Science, Math, Biology
  Mrs. Jan Vanderhill French
  Mr Ken Walker PE


Mr. Paul Johnsosn Princpal
Mrs. Kristi Rigg Vice Principal
Mrs. Lana Garland Director of Special Education
Mrs. Maggie Callander School Counsellor
Mr. Jamie Garland Director of Operations


High School Learning Center BLOG:      www.rcahslrc.weebly.com