Welcome, my name is Mrs. Liz Coca and I am the Administrative Assistant in the International School.

I invite any questions or comments and would be pleased to assist you.

At Regent Christian Academy we accept students throughout the academic year provided that there are openings for new students.

We admit students throughout the school year if space permits and prefer that students enroll in September or in February.

Students must meet our admissions criteria.  Records from the past two school years must demonstrate consistent work habits, good moral character, and a positive attitude.


Kindergarten to Grades 6 students are directly admitted into the regular RCA classes.

GRADES 7 - 12

Students, Grades 7 to 12, are initially accepted into our English Language Learning.  They are given a number of tests to determine which level of our program they will enter.  In rare cases a student of high school age may receive direct entry into our regular program.  Most students spend one year in our ELL program before they are ready to enter a regular school.

Placement in the RCA regular school depends on a number of criteria:  available space, work habits, test results, attitude, and staff evaluations.


You may choose to apply directly to our school or use the services of an AGENT.  An agent is a person who acts on behalf of may students to assist them in coming to study in Canada.  Most of our International students have decided to attend RCA after being referred to us by their agent.

While it is best to enter our program at the beginning of each semester, September and February, we also accept students all through the school year.

You may fill out our APPLICATION FORM and submit it to us via email, fax, or mail.  You must include previous report cards from the past two school years that have been translated into English.  Include a photocopy of the student's passport.


Please download and print this application form:   APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM

To open this document, you will need the free Adobe PDF Reader software.


RegentChristianAcademy offers four programs for International Students: International School, Primary School, Middle School, and High School.

Students age 12 and over are required to attend our International School. Successful students in the International School may be accepted in the High School if space permits. Primary and Middle School students to age 11 are accepted directly into the regular school if space permits.

The Primary, Middle, High School, and International School programs operate on a 10-month school year - from Sept. to June.

International students transferring from the ELL Program into the regular school must attend the Intensive English course in August prior to entry. International students in the regular RCA grades 8-12 classes who do not score at least 75% on their English and English dependant courses must also attend the intensive English course in August.

New Students must register for a minimum of 2 semesters.  We accept new students throughout the school year.


  • $250 non-refundable registration fee: Payable by Chq, money order, or Money Wire. See instructions below. Do not forget to include your name on the payment.
  • School Records: Along with your application, you must submit copies of your translated official school records from the past two (2) years.
  • Students study plan: Must be written by the student in English.
  • Teachers Reference letter: Must be written by a current teacher, translated.
  • Pastoral Reference: If the student is Christian, provide a letter or reference from the Pastor.
  • 2 Passport Photos: Please include two passport sized photographs.
  • Guardianship: If an overseas student is under 19 years of age, a legal guardianship is required for the study permit application by Canadian Immigration. We can assist you with obtaining a guardian.


If, after reviewing the application the student is accepted, all fees applicable for the students first school year in Regent Christian Academy School are due. Please refer to the attached fee schedule for the applicable fees. Upon receipt of payment in full, we will issue the student a receipt and an official Letter of Acceptance. With this Letter of Acceptance, the students may proceed to apply for their Study Permit at a Canadian Immigration office.


Upon arrival at Regent, a new student age 12 or older will be asked to write a number of tests to determine what his/her appropriate level of studies will be.  Dependingon the students performance, and availability of space, some students may enter the regular program in the Academy.



The following policy applies when a student withdraws after fees are paid.

For a newly registered student, the paid tuition covers the first two semesters. The program includes the first 2 semesters' tuition fee.

1. The registration, homestay administration, and custodian declaration fees are non-refundable.

2. No refund is given for any student who has been admitted into any of our school programs.

3. No refund of paid tuition fees will be granted if the student at any time is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school.

4. If Immigration Canada does not approve the study permit for an international student, a full refund of all fees will be issued, except for those mentioned in #1 above. The refund will be granted upon written proof of such refusal, provided that the applicant has met all the application requirements requested by Immigration Canada.

5. If an international student becomes a landed immigrant during the course of study, a different set of fees will take effect when re-registering.


This section describes how to transfer money to the Regent Christian Academy International Student Department.


Please use the following informaiton to transfer funds to our bank account by wire:

Royal Bank of Canada

7th Street and 6th Avenue Branch

New Westminster   BC   V3M 6Z2


Transit Number:   03280

Institution Number:  003

Account Number:   103 - 440 - 4

Swift Code:    ROYCCAT 2

Note:  Please add $20.00 to cover the bank fees for wiring.



When you have transferred the money,  please fax confirmation to:

Regent Christian Academy

(604) 599-8171

Attention:  Mrs Liz Coca



Regent Christian Academy offer scholarships to the Passport to Education to qualifying international students in grades 10 to 12 who excel and meet the standards of the BC Department of Education Scholarships.

These scholarships are redeemable for face value upon demonstration of a student's registration in a post-secondary program.



SUMMER & WINTER CAMPS ALL INCLUSIVE (English lessons, excursions, homestay)

2 weeks:.$1,975.00

3 weeks:.$2,975.00

4 weeks.$3,950.00

* Note: new students must register for a minimum of 2 semesters

** Siblings receive a 10% discount

Medical Insurance:

The school requires medical coverage for the period of registration. This is in the students best interest and to ensure all students we take on field trips, sports events, etc. have proper coverage. Private medical insurance must be obtained directly from the school. It has no waiting period.

Private Medical Insurance (1 year / mandatory)  $750.00

Homestay Fees:

All overseas students are required to stay with a family in our homestay program. These families are carefully selected and screened. Exceptions are when the student stays with an actual aunt or uncle, or parents. Hot lunches are provided daily in our cafeteria as part of our homestay program.

Homestay Administration Fee (non-refundable).$250.00

Monthly fee $950.00 - First and last month to be paid in advance.$1,900.00

We collect the first and last month homestay fees in advance. Students may pay their homestay fees directly to the homestay. Students must give two months written notice, from the first of the month; if they are leaving the homestay. Students may not change homestay unless they have received permission from the school.

Guardianship Document Fee: .......................................................... $150.00