Details About In-Class Learning at RCA from June 1 – 12

Dear RCA K – 6 Parents/Guardians

We recognize that you have chosen Regent Christian Academy because of the faith-based community we are that demonstrates compassion and the love of Christ.  This voluntary option of two weeks of in-class learning presents an opportunity to continue to build our community, while discovering how to make our school a safe and healthy place of learning in September.  The Lord has used the 2019-2020 theme “From Fear to Faith” in a powerful, and yet challenging way this year as we have faced unknown and unexpected circumstances.  He has shown us that in all situations, He is faithful and good!

Please read the following to determine if it is the right time for your child/children to return to school for June 1 to June 12 part-time.  (5 school days) 

RCA and Provincial  COVID19 Health & Safety Guidelines for K-6

Trauma-informed Education

  • RCA is a compassionate learning community.
  • We know that the environment that our children have been in during the last 3 months has not been the norm.
  • We understand students will need time to adjust.
  • We understand students will need “front-loading” to prepare for the unknown. 
  • Remember, our faith should inform our practice.  As faith is modelled and expressed, students will develop strength and endurance.  Students will be given opportunities to share concerns and to be supported. 

Access to School

  • Parents will be asked to monitor their children daily for symptoms and to not send them to school if they are sick. Communication to the school would be appreciated, if your child is sick and had planned to attend school.
  • Siblings of students who are sick should not attend school. Likewise, if parents are sick, their child(ren) should also not attend school.
  • People (including staff) who are sick will not be allowed in school.  If, during the day, a person presents with cold or flu symptoms, they will be isolated until they can go home safely. 
  • There will be restricted access to the school. Parents will not be permitted inside the school building. 
  • There will be staggered drop-off times and pick-up times for K-6 and 7-12.
  • Students in K-6 will meet in designated zones for drop-off and pick-up.  
  • Students will attend full school days on an alternating basis (i.e. M, W, F or Tu.,Th, F)

Social Distancing

School and classrooms will look different. 

  • Students will be grouped into a class for their grade-level based on registration. 
  • K-6 siblings in a family will attend school on the same days. 
  • Your child’s classroom teacher may or may not be the teacher in charge for that day. As well, different classrooms may be assigned than the home classroom your child had prior to spring break. 
  • Your child’s class may be held outdoors for significant periods of the school day. (Please provide appropriate clothing for being outside.  PE uniform or summer uniform is expected.) 
  • Classrooms will hold no more than 12 students with desks spaced apart.  Students will work within the confines of their personal space.  
  • Students will have music/band class every day.
  • Students will have PE every day. (outside)
    • No physical contact sports will be played but there will be more time outside with classmates.
  • Students will learn new protocols for lining up and moving between classes and breaks.
  • Students will have staggered recess/lunch breaks in a designated area:
    • Kindergarten and Grade 1 (max 24 students)
    • Grade 2 and 3 (max 24 students)
    • Grade 4, 5, and 6 (max 36 students) 
  • Chapels will be done digitally.  No large assemblies will be held. 


  • Students will be asked to wash their hands frequently, including before coming to school. They will have access to hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.
  • Students will wash/disinfect hands each time before entering a classroom. 
  • The school will be deep-cleaned (including disinfecting of the premises) once per day.  High frequency areas and surfaces (washrooms, door handles, etc.) will have additional cleaning throughout the day and be monitored. 
  • A limit of 3 students in a washroom will be allowed.  Extra students will be asked to wait in a line outside of the washrooms and practice social distancing. 
  • Students are asked to not wear masks at school. Provincial Health authorities are advising that children wearing masks cause them to touch their face more frequently.  Students who present with symptoms requiring a mask should not attend school. 
  • Water-fountains and water-fill stations in the school will be turned-off, so students should be sent to school with their own water-bottles. 
  • Students will be asked to label their personal items (including water-bottles) and to not share them.
  • All staff will remind children to minimize physical contact with their friends. 

Instruction and Academic 

  • Students will receive daily instruction and guidance into health protocols.  
  • Hand-washing protocols will be increased.
  • As instructed by the Ministry of Education, due to survey results, for RCA, remote learning is a priority at this time and will be continued.  Therefore, students attending school will be primarily completing the remote learning assignments in class with teacher support.  This provides a balanced work environment for teaching staff and continuity for all students. 
  • No additional concepts for assessment will be taught at school. However, as noted above, remote learning and assignments will continue with the expectation of completion. 
  • Students at school may have additional activities for learning to build skills. Activities may require being outdoors more frequently.  Prepare for outdoor education regardless of weather conditions. 
  • Students should bring personal learning materials:  pencils, (pens), markers, glue sticks, ruler, erasers, sharpeners, scissors, binders or duo-tangs
  • All school-owned materials should be returned to be used at school (i.e. a whiteboard, textbooks, novels, etc.) 
  • Students must bring their own food for snack and lunch.  The cafeteria is not open.  There will be no sharing of food.  (Please pack food in simple to open containers and packaging, that does not require assistance to open –  appropriate for the age of the student)
  • It is best if all belongings fit into a backpack. Cubbies and lockers will not be used. 

Registration Form

Please read through the information below to help you make an informed decision regarding participation in the in-class learning from June 1 – 12th.  The registration link is located at the bottom of this page.