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At Regent Christian Academy we accept students throughout the academic year provided that there are openings for new students.
We admit students throughout the school year if space permits and prefer that students enroll in September or in February.

Students must meet our admissions criteria. Records from the past two school years must demonstrate consistent work habits, good moral character, and a positive attitude.


Kindergarten to Grades 6 students are directly admitted into the regular RCA classes.

GRADES 7 – 12

Students, Grades 7 to 12, are initially accepted into our English Language Learning. They are given a number of tests to determine which level of our program they will enter. In rare cases a student of high school age may receive direct entry into our regular program. Most students spend one year in our ELL program before they are ready for full integration.


Click here to learn more about RCIA our fully accredited language school.

Placement in the RCA regular school depends on a number of criteria: available space, work habits, test results, attitude, and staff evaluations.

If you have any questions please phone the Registrar Mrs. Liz Coca at the school office and she will be happy to help you.