Since the school’s inception in 1978, the motto of Regent Christian Academy has been “Mighty in Spirit.” The motto is derived from the biblical story of Daniel. At the age of 16, Daniel was held captive along with his Jewish people by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel and his friends were assigned to serve in the king’s palace. In the narrative, Daniel and his friends were found to be intelligent, wise and discerning. Daniel was preferred above the king’s own leaders because he had a spirit of excellence and was faithful. In the course of time, Nebuchadnezzar and Darius proclaimed Daniel’s God to be living and true.

We are inspired by the training these young Jewish men must have had in their Jewish homeland. They were full of knowledge in many disciplines, knew how to apply that knowledge, understood the character of God, would not compromise their moral and ethical standards, and were faithful. Whatever system or program that Jewish culture used to train those young men worked –and God was honoured. God used their training and their character to influence the greatest kingdom on earth at that time. They were “Mighty in Spirit.”

Regent Christian Academy takes inspiration from Daniel’s story. RCA seeks to support parents in training their children for personal success and godly influence. In addition to training in academics, the arts, physical development, and technology, children are trained in moral conduct and ethical decision making. Students are taught to discern the times and to apply biblical principles in every situation. Students learn about the character of God and are encouraged to pursue Him with passion. They are encouraged to bring redemptive principles to the world in which they live and glorify God in everything they do. Our aim is to graduate students who are “Mighty in Spirit.”


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