Be a part of what is going on at Regent

At Regent Christian Academy one of our goals is to foster in our students a sense of giving to our community, to bless the less fortunate. Led by the teachers and staff, we are involved in several programs such as the CHRISTMAS STOCKING project in partnership with Night Shift; the WARM CLOTHING DRIVE, and CITY DREAM CENTRE to name a few.

It is always wonderful to see the overwhelmingly generous support the families of RCA extend to the community. Every year we exceed expectations and every year we can see our students working and learning how to serve the community. Children learn by example; they learn from working along side adults that give of their time and energy. It warms the heart.

School Fundraising

As well as serving our community, students at RCA have a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for SCHOOL IN-HOUSE projects.

Our FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE is led by Mrs Shawn Bremner and consists of several volunteer parents generously giving of their time.

Throughout the year we provide a variety of fundraising opportunities such as Cookies and Pies, Purdy’s Chocolates, Poinsettias, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, banquet dinners, a concession stand and all kinds of bake sales.

All of these programs raise funds for school items such as playground equipment, classroom goodies, field trip expenses and our earthquake storage bins, to name a few.

Mrs Bremner and her team of volunteers work very hard encouraging support from our students and families and every year the generous support received exceeds our expectations.

We appreciate Mrs Bremner’s commitment to our school and for contributing to such a strong caring school community.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Shawn Bremner 604. 575-7281