Primary School classes at Regent Academy are nurturing, creative, and exploratory in nature, while still offering our students structure and routine.

We believe students at the Primary level need to be well grounded in literacy and numeration, and these are therefore a main focus of our class time.


Reading and Writing       

Reading is an integral part of an RCA Primary Classroom.  The students learn to read through a variety of curriculum; Literacy Place Through the Early Years for Kindergarten through Grade Three, Moving Up for Grade Four, and ACSI Christian reading series.  On a daily basis, students experience Read Alouds, Shared Reading and Writing, Guided Reading and Writing, as well as reading and writing opportunities independently.  RCA students learn the importance of reading and coummunicating through writing.  With these essential tools, we can learn through God's Word, learn about God's world, and learn to communicate His love and gift of Salvation.


Spelling is taught using the Sequential Spelling program which teaches students how to recognize and build upon letter/sound/meaning patterns in words.

Students are given opportunities to explore and develop their creative writing skills through journals, poetry, stories, and a variety of other writing experiences.

Along with these opportunities, we believe that students need to be given the tools to be creative, and therefore we deliver a strong language mechanics program.


Our primary grades use the highly effective Saxon Math program. Through a combination of clear, directed instruction followed by related practice and review, students develop and build upon foundational math skills. Mastery of basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts is an important facet of the program with timed drills at the beginning of each lesson.

Students are taught to use a variety of problem solving strategies to solve word problems. The use of correct math language is encouraged in each area of study.

Social Studies

As with our entire curriculum, Social Studies classes follow the BC Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines, but are taught from a Christian perspective, teaching our students to see their world from a Biblical viewpoint even at a young age.


Science classes explore the wonder of creation and strive to strengthen students' faith by providing instruction in truth.

Scriptural truth is also taught through Bible classes, where students starting in Kindergarten begin to learn how to use the Bible and apply Biblical truths to their lives.

Scripture memory is a key component in every grade at RCA. Our desire is to teach all our students to have answers ready for what they believe.


At RCA, we believe that our students benefit from an early introduction to the joys of learning a second language.

French language instruction is begun in Kindergarten and continues through the primary grades.

Students have fun learning new vocabulary through songs, stories, and games.  Each year we also get a taste of French culture with our participation in the school-wide "Fete d'hiver" (Winter carnival) in February.

 Many of the academic programs and principles taught in our Primary School are common to those taught in Middle School and also throughout High School. In this way, our students are offered a thread of learning that carries them through their entire education at Regent Christian Academy.