Welcome to Regent Christian Academy. We extend an invitation to you and your family to tour our facility, meet our teachers, and learn about our programs.  Choosing the right school for your children is a very important decision.  To help you make the most informed decision you can we invite you to review the findings of a recent Cardus study by David Hunt (RCA Alumni) and Dr. Deani Van Pelt 


1. Complete and return the Application Documentation as listed below.

2. Upon receipt of all the information, you will be contacted by phone and informed of the status of your application.

3. If there is the possibility of a seat being available, you will be invited to schedule an interview with Principal Travis Bryerton.

4. If at any time you would like to come in for a tour of our school, please feel free to book an appointment. We would be pleased to meet you.

5. Once acceptance has been confirmed to Regent Christian Academy, a non-refundable registration fee and a non-refundable first month’s tuition fee will be due. Monthly tuition payments are paid through a pre-authorized payment plan. See tuition fees below.


1st INTAKE Siblings of current Regent Christian Academy students
2nd INTAKE Members of Horizon Church
3rd INTAKE Members of the evangelical Christian community who support our Statement of Faith and standards of Christian living.
4th INTAKE Others within the community who support our Statement of Faith and demonstrate adherence to our standards of Christian living.

Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to work toward good character. This is generally indicated through a pastoral letter of reference and through interview with the family.             

RCA Student Code of Conduct

Applicants with disabilities are accepted as resources at each grade level permit.

TUITION – 2023/2024


All tuition and book fees are payable on the first day of each month. Charges for supplies, uniforms, or extra-curricular activities are payable at the time of purchase.

For this upcoming Fall 2023 we will be offering a 12 month payment plan. Families who would like to inquire about financial assistance options or to sign up for the 12 month payment plan, please contact the school office, or email of****@re****.ca

One Child in 3 Day Kindergarten

1 Child


2 Children


3+ Children


All Children in Full Time Program

1 Child


2 Children


3+ Children


Registration Fees

For new families, a non-refundable registration fee of $75 for the first child or $150 per family and a non-refundable first month’s tuition will be taken upon acceptance.

Academic & Administrative Costs

The cost of curriculum materials, textbooks, photocopying, lab supplies, emergency kit and other consumables.  Costs are payable with the tuition fee.  $25 per month per student


Grade 12 graduation fee.  Costs are payable with the tuition fee.  $65 per month

Field Trip Costs

These costs are calculated at the beginning of each year and determined based on planned activities.  Costs are payable with the tuition fee.

$21 Kindergarten per month

$24 Grades 1-3 per month

$26 Grades 4-6 per month

$28 Grades 7-8 per month

$25 Grades 9-12 per month

Athletic  Fees (extra-curricular)

These costs are payable at the beginning of each season.  Additional fees are collected for lodging and meals.

Senior Teams (gr 11/12) $80 per team

Junior Teams (gr 9/10) $75 per team

Grade 8 Teams $70 per team

Cess (gr 5-7) $15 per event


Students wear uniforms which are purchased from two school suppliers.

NEAT UNIFORMS 1050 Boundary Road Burnaby BC V5K 4T3 604.205-7556
See Uniforms