Middle School Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of any student’s life. At Regent Christian Academy, we strive to offer our students ways to grow and develop skills and responsibility in all areas, including extra-curricular involvement.

Participation is entirely optional; however, once students are involved, we expect them to see the activity through to completion, thus building a better understanding of commitment.

We have offered a variety of activities through the years, including sewing, keyboarding, and chess. Activities offered are dependent upon availability and student interest. Some activities require a small cost on the part of the participant.

Service Club

Believing that there is no age limit to the ability to reach out and serve others, our middle school has developed a Service Club, where students may find opportunities to serve within their school environment but on their personal time.

Students in grades seven and eight, upon approval of their homeroom teacher, may count time served outside of the school. At our year-end awards ceremony, we recognize those students who have reached a designated number of hours.

Those students with musical and dramatic interests may become involved in student productions-see Middle School Arts page.

As well, there is the middle school worship team-see Middle School Student Life page.

We also offer involvement in extra-curricular sports activities. Please see the Middle School Athletics page for more information.

High School Extra Curricular

Student Leadership

Allowing students to have a voice in matters that concern them is important to us at Regent Academy, and therefore our Student Leadership Team is considered one of the most important official organizations we have. Student leaders concern themselves with school life activities, social events, and intramural activities. The goals of the Student Leadership include increasing the spiritual awareness of the student body and helping to motivate the students to demonstrate Christ’s love. The Leadership Team also serves to increase communication between staff and students, often offering suggestions for program improvement.


PICTORIAL REMINDERS are so much fun, and such a great way to remember our high school years. Each year Regent produces a yearbook to give students a chance to remember each other and their school in the years to come.

RCA’s Yearbook Program is lead this year by Mrs Menser. We invite students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. If you’ve got great photos of school and community events or of you and your friends just having fun, we would love to see them. Please contact Mrs Menser.

Extra-Curricular Sports

Regent Christian Academy offers a wide range of choices for EXTRA-CURRICULAR SPORTS ACTIVITIES.

Some events are day trips and many are overnight adventures. All of these experiences enrich the lives of our students, test their limit, challenge their comfort zone and teach them team work. The energy and excitment makes for time well spent by all.