Consider Deuteronomy chapter 6. The Israelites were told to instruct their children in God’s laws: “. . .impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you get up.” Ephesians 6:4 states: “Fathers . . . bring them (children) up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

We believe that the task of educating children is primarily the responsibility of parents. Most of us recognize our inability to accomplish this job alone and, therefore, we need to delegate part of our responsibility for training and instructing our children to schools and teachers. Should we not ensure that this instruction be in harmony with leading our children to serve the Lord?

Regent Christian Academy was established for just this reason. The school is sponsored by Horizon Church who brought together Christian teachers so that home, church, and school can build a common foundation.


To support Christian families by providing Christ-centred, quality education in a nurturing environment. We are dedicated to reinforcing Biblical values, to building Godly character, and to producing graduates equipped to positively impact society.


Regent Christian Academy, a ministry of Horizon Church, fulfils a mandate to train children according to Biblical principles, in partnership with and in support of Christian families. Our staff are committed to excellence in education, to high moral and ethical standards, and to the development of genuine Christian character. We emphasize traditional aspects of learning within a safe, nurturing environment. We challenge and equip students to respond to God’s call as Christian leaders in a changing global community.


As a school community we are committed to:

  • A Charismatic Tradition – To value the present work of the Holy Spirit based on God’s word.
  • A Christian Worldview – To understand, embrace, and articulate a Biblical perspective in all aspects of life.
  • Caring Relationships – To encourage the application of Biblical principles in interpersonal relationships.
  • Character Development – To give priority to the development of godly character.
  • Community Outreach – To proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to make disciples, and to build God’s kingdom.
  • Personal Excellence – To discover personal gifts and talents and to develop them to their full potential.
  • Lifelong Learning – To foster an appreciation for learning and the need to adapt to change.
  • Modeling Christ-likeness – To see the personal work of Christ modeled in all facets of our school community.
  • Personal Faith – To lead students to know and love God.
  • Self-discipline – To provide an atmosphere that promotes personal order, discipline, and academic excellence.
  • Biblical Stewardship – To acknowledge that we are accountable to God for the responsible management of our lives and resources.
  • Vocational Preparation – To assist students to respond to God’s call upon their lives.


Since the school’s inception in 1978, the motto of Regent Christian Academy has been “Mighty in Spirit.” The motto is derived from the biblical story of Daniel. At the age of 16, Daniel was held captive along with his Jewish people by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel and his friends were assigned to serve in the king’s palace. In the narrative, Daniel and his friends were found to be intelligent, wise and discerning. Daniel was preferred above the king’s own leaders because he had a spirit of excellence and was faithful. In the course of time, Nebuchadnezzar and Darius proclaimed Daniel’s God to be living and true.

We are inspired by the training these young Jewish men must have had in their Jewish homeland. They were full of knowledge in many disciplines, knew how to apply that knowledge, understood the character of God, would not compromise their moral and ethical standards, and were faithful. Whatever system or program that Jewish culture used to train those young men worked – and God was honoured. God used their training and their character to influence the greatest kingdom on earth at that time. They were “Mighty in Spirit.”

Regent Christian Academy takes inspiration from Daniel’s story. RCA seeks to support parents in training their children for personal success and godly influence. In addition to training in academics, the arts, physical development, and technology, children are trained in moral conduct and ethical decision making. Students are taught to discern the times and to apply biblical principles in every situation. Students learn about the character of God and are encouraged to pursue Him with passion. They are encouraged to bring redemptive principles to the world in which they live and glorify God in everything they do.

Our aim is to graduate students “Mighty in Spirit.”