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Regent Christian Academy was founded with this unshakeable value:

Families should have the option for a high quality, Christ-focused education. We believe that our most important assignment is to partner with parents in the development of both the educational skills and godly character in our children.

Together, we are training a generation of future leaders and influencers who will make a significant contribution to the world they will one day inherit. Our focus has never shifted and today, after more than 38 years, we remain more committed than ever to accomplish this noble task.

Our prayer goal is that our students will indeed be “Mighty in Spirit”, embracing God’s remarkable purposes for their lives and facing the future with faith filled confidence!

Please join with us to be a part of building this legacy.

Rev. Steve Witmer

RCA Board Chair


Rev. Steve Witmer (chair)

Rev. Craig Millar

Mr. Ron Berghuis

Mr. Luke Hunt

Mr. Alistair Milne

Mr. Mark Langley

Mrs. Heather Jenkins

Mr. Paul Johnson (ex-officio)

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