Middle School Arts

The arts enrich our lives, and artistic gifts are gifts of God’s Spirit.

God Himself wants to be glorified through artistic and musical expression. The arts enrich our lives through joy, delight, and creativity.

The benefits of the arts clearly extend into other areas of learning and are essential to the holistic development of students of all ages.

Students in middle school receive a well-rounded education in the fine arts. Through exploration and critical contemplation of works of art – whether visual arts, music, or drama – students become aware of art in culture.

Throughout the year, students have opportunities to perform, and as opportunity arises, may participate in large-scale theatre productions.


Art classes in the middle school grades focus on drawing and painting, patterns and design, and art appreciation. All students in grades five and six take art, while those in grades seven and eight may choose it as a Fine Arts option.


The RCA Music Department exists to awaken students to their God-given talents, equipping them to play skillfully with joy and gratitude to God.  Creating beauty through music, our students use their gifts to authentically serve others.  With Christ as our core, we continue to build on our legacy of pursuing excellence.

RCA has a strong music program with opportunities for students to develop their talents and creativity through a variety of experiences.

Students up to grade five have an eclectic program that provides instruction in choral and instrumental techniques, music appreciation, theory, and history.

Our band program begins in grade five and continues through grade eight. Students learn to play an instrument, while also developing motor skills, music literacy, teamwork, and self-discipline. Students interested in continuing with band or pursuing choral music may do so as a Fine Arts option.

Fine Arts Options

To further our desire to give middle school students the opportunity to make decisions and identify their personal interests and strengths, students have the chance to choose some electives in grades seven and eight. These electives may include art, ukulele ensemble, and drama classes.

High School Arts

At Regent we are pleased to offer scheduled, credited courses in different levels of both Band and Choir.

In addition to these more traditional music courses, Regent also offers credit for ORCHESTRA, and MUSIC & WORSHIP, courses designed to develop students for service on a worship team. These students lead worship at our weekly Chapel services, and are often asked to visit local churches and lead their service’s worship time.

Under the leadership of Mr Jason Strain, our music department is involved in many endeavours, including such things as concerts, recordings, local performances, tours, and festivals. As well, we have a JAZZ BAND and JAZZ CHOIR that practices before school twice a week.


Our Art program is designed by our creative genius Mrs Kim Porter. She offers classes to students starting in grade 7 through grade 12. These credited courses are designed to encourage students to foster creativity and to use art to communicate both to God and to their community. High School Art classes focus on drawing, painting, and creative styles.

The students may, at any point through the year, also find themselves painting stage scenery and participating in art festivals, exhibitions.


Students at Regent may get involved in Drama by taking any of the credited courses offered in Drama, Acting, or by being involved in a variety of acting/worship arts opportunities throughout the year. These courses teach students to develop skills in acting, storytelling, blocking, and production design.