Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School at Regent Christian Academy where our youngest students have fun while building strong foundational skills in all subject areas.

During the first years of school, attitudes and behaviour patterns are developed that help shape students for the rest of their lives.

Our Primary School at RCA is an exciting place to be and our desire is to plant the seeds of a life-long love for discovery and learning.

Our kind, nurturing teachers are professionals who plan and implement programs to bring out the best in each child.  Field trips, hands-on activities, and lessons that address a variety of learning styles create a highly effective learning environment.

Our school maintains a positive, yet disciplined, climate that fosters respect for God, self, and others.

Out of this comes a desire for service and we provide many opportunities to make a difference both in the community and globally. At the heart of our school is a love for the Lord and a desire to grow in our Christian faith.


PRIMARY SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST    2017 - 2018 school year

    Kindergarten  supply list 

    Grade  1   school supply list   

    Grade  2   school supply list

    Grade  3   school supply list

    Grade  4   school supply list





Preschool Mrs Eunice Viswasam
Kindergarten A Mrs. Kristina Marshall
Kindergarten B Mrs. Cathi Garcia 
Grade 1A Mrs Janice Sawatzky and Mrs. Carlyanne Pruger
Grade 1B Miss Rachel Appadurai
Grade 2A Mrs. Donna Ottosen
Grade 2B Mr. Alan Karkada
Grade 3A Mrs Rachel Poetker
Grade 3B Mrs. Rianna Bartz
Grade 4A Mrs Cheryl Jonsson
Grade 4B Mrs. Nicole Venkataya
Music Miss Esther Chen
PE Mrs. Kim Porter


Principal Mr. Paul Johnson
Vice Principal Mr. Travis Bryerton

Director of Special Education

Mrs. Lana Garland


School Counsellor

Mrs. Maggie Callander

Director of Operations

Mr. Jamie Garland